Honey Bottling & Containers

Honey Bottling

The filling containers are suitable for easy filling of jars with honey. To satisfy the jar, always open the knife drain so that you can print your honey in the jar. For more accurate dosing, you can place it on a small calibrated bench scale. Your expected cheap but very effective filling of jars with your honey.

Stainless steel filling containers

We offer these in 8 variants in size ….. kg of honey. Any one of them has a silicone seal in the lid and in the west, allowing the lid to attract properly to the container. A stainless steel drain is also included.

Plastic Filling containers

Plastic Filling containers are available in 3 sizes 12.5; 25 and 40 kg of honey. It also includes a plastic drain.

Honey Containers

* The offer is constantly updated.